FIENDS is a semi-regular journal of thoughts and artistic investigations that started with members of the Public Sphere pathway on the RCA Contemporary Art Practice programme in 2019. It has expanded to include artists across all CAP pathways. At this moment, that is how it exists; as a non-hierarchical, non-authored mix of loose theory and art practice. FIENDS is usually presented as a physical, riso-printed theory object, folded and printed in 2 colours; however now also exists digitally at:

The journal operates within a relatively tight, common public, yet simultaneously has the scope to go beyond. It is a fleeting object of intense, cooperative musings. The monthly issues explore divergent themes; from senses of futures and fictions, to the complexities of economies, to our collective understanding of nationhood and democracy. In this way, FIENDS becomes a material space of collective thoughts and common concern within CAP, and subsequently catalyses discussions in the pressing matters of publics, politics, identity and engagement that the group naturally share.

FIENDS is co-ordinated in collaboration with Mayssa Kanaan, Toby Tobias Kidd and Paola Estrella.