Ideal Life Radio Show

Hijacking the zone of popular culture transmissions, the Ideal Life Radio Show materialises as a recurring radio broadcast promising an ideal escape from the chaos of contemporary society. The antagonistic DJ’s reminiscent anecdotes, paired with an amplified mundanity of the everyday radio broadcast contents (including weather reports, callers-in and simulated competitions) supplies an ambiguous ‘service’ of cultural authenticity. Emphasising Adorno and Horkheimer’s theory of the performer as an entity within the culture industry, the use of 'throwback' house and dance tracks aspires to construct new methods of collective euphoria in a now socially-isolated, publicly-void world. Within its container, it both produces and performs an inquiry into ideas of the performativity of language, and how means of subtle, repeated resistance may be distributed. However, with continual nods to the benefits of nostalgia, mixed with a mediation of life pre-pandemic, and fanciful speculations on tomorrow, its establishing as a legitimate method of progression today is deemed very questionable.

The Ideal Life Radio Show has appeared as part of the 302_Redirect online festival, Montez Press Radio (on 27th April 2020 from 17:00BST), Imminent Vibrational Logic hosted by South Kiosk, and RCA2020.

Visit Soundcloud to listen to the latest broadcasts, as well as an archive of interceptory advertisements for the show. You can also find the Ideal Life Radio Show published Spotify playlist here